We are happy to welcome a steadily growing number of TRNSYS-users. To make starting with TRNSYS easy, we offer an english/german training session in Stuttgart, Germany once a year. An additional training session deals with the airflow simulation in buildings using TRNFLOW.

In April 2017 TRNSYS 18 was released! New features have been added, for the effective use of TRNSYS 18 features we offer four one-day courses on daylight simulation, modeling of complex shading systems, 3D modeling with Rhinoceros 6 and building simulation with TRNLizard.

Each participant works on their own PC and is looked after by our specialists. The trainings usually take place in Stuttgart.

The minimum number of participants are 6 persons.

Upcoming Trainings:

Since the last training took place in May in English, we decided at short notice to open originally internal TRNSYS trainings for externals.

From 04. to 06.06.2019 we offer two additional trainings for the introduction into the work and the building simulation with TRNSYS (trainings 1 and 2) in German language. The will take place in Stuttgart.

Registrations or advance reservations of a coming training sessions in germany are welcome by email. Please mention the course numbers you are interested in.Registration

General Trainings

TRNSYS Training 1

Introduction to working with TRNSYS

  • System-Generation with TRNSYS Studio
  • Modeling of a solar water heating system
  • Running a system simulation
  • Discussion of simulation results

Price per person: 495,00 Euro plus VAT

TRNSYS Training 2 (2-tägig)

Building simulation with TRNSYS

  • Theory and basic of the multizone building model
  • Modeling of a 3-Zone Model
  • Modeling of heating, cooling systems with controls
  • Evaluation of simulation results
  • Hints and tricks

For experienced users or participants of session 1 only

Price per person: 990,00 Euro plus VAT

TRNSYS Training 3

Airflow simulation in buildings with TRNFLOW

  • Theory and basics of TRNFLow,
  • Practice by simulating an office room with double facade
  • Execution of various simulations
  • Hints and tricks

For experienced user or participants of session 2 only

Price per person: 690,00 Euro plus VAT

TRNSYS 18 Trainings

TRNSYS Training 4

Introduction to 3D-Modeling with Rhinoceros 6

  • Theory and basics of Modeling with Rhino
  • Guided creation of geometries
  • Basics in script programming (Python)
  • Creating parametric models

Price per person: 495,00 Euro plus VAT
(book Training 4 and 5 together and save 200 Euro)

TRNSYS Training 5

Building simulation with TRNLizard

  • Theory and basics of building simulations with TRNLizard
  • Information workflow (Modeling)
  • Creating a 1-Zone model with heating, cooling and natural ventilation
  • Integrating active building elements
  • Multizone simulation
  • Analysing simulation results

Price per person: 495,00 Euro plus VAT

TRNSYS 18 Training 6

Daylight simulation and new features in TRNSYS 18

  • New Features in TRNSYS 18
  • Theory and basics of daylight simulation
  • Introduction to daylight simulation with TRNSYS
  • Artificial lighting control by daylight availability
  • Daylight simulation and evaluation of results

Price per person: 495,00 Euro plus VAT

TRNSYS Training 7

Complex fenestration modeling with TRNSYS 18

  • Theory and basics of complex fenestrations
  • Creating complex fenestration systems with LBNL Window 7
  • Import and integration in TRNBuild
  • Static simulation with standard boundary conditions (U-Value, SHGC, Temperatures)
  • Simulation and evaluation of results

Price per person: 495,00 Euro plus VAT