Trnsys3d – free plugin for SketchUp™

The new detailed radiation models of the TRNSYS 17 multizone building model requires 3D geometric surface information. To easily input the geometric information and view the results, a free plugin called Trnsys3d for SketchUp™ 3D drawing program has been developed.

The key features are:

The Trnsys3d file can be imported into the Trnsys17 (Studio & TRNBuild) for adding non-geometric data and running the simulation. Modification can be exported back to the Trnsys3d file.

Trnsys3d is based on the open source plugin OpenStudio ( developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for the United States Department of Energy. Be aware that some features of OpenStudio which can't be used in TRNSYS 17 are disabled or commented out. In addition, some features are modified in order to fit the needs of TRNSYS. OpenStudio itself can't be used for TRNSYS 17.


Trnsys3d - SketchUp plugin for TRNSYS 18
Trnsys3d - SketchUp plugin for TRNSYS 18
Trnsys3d - Wall definition and Zone
Studio - Geometry import
Trnsys3d - Presentation of boundary conditions